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Reported Speech Practice

to practice:

Reported Speech Exercises Answers

1. He said that he had lost his watch.
2. She said that she was very busy.
3. She said that she couldn’t go to the party.
4. He said that he had to go out.
5. He said that he was learning Russian.
6. She said that she wasn’t feeling very well.
7. They said that they would be home late.
8. He said that he had just gotten back from vacation.
9. She said that she was going to buy a new computer.
10. They said that they didn’t have a key.

1. She was enjoying her new job.
2. she wasn’t hungry.
3. he needed it.
4. she didn’t want to go.
5. I could have it.
6. he would send me a postcard.
7. he had gone home.
8. he wanted to watch tv.
9. she was going to the movies.

1. said
2. tell
3. said
4. told
5. tell
6. say
7. said
8. told
9. tell
10. say