Unit 1 Worksheet Answers

The photo competition

  1. A . flash b. zoom c. lens d button
  2. A. flash b. lens c. button d. zoom
  3. State: love, want, appear dynamic: work, study, record, appear
  4. A. ‘m watching b is downloading c do you want d is using e have f want
  5. A. aren’t you b. do you c. can he d. doesn’t she e. are you f. does he/she g. can’t you h. isn’t she
  6. La miss lo revisó



  1. A. just stole the camera B. just saw the thief c. just fell d. just took out some money e. just went into the refrigerator
  2. A. be talented B. have nothing in common C. receive a prize D. be confident E. take place F. get along
  3. A . received a prize b. am talented c. Were you confident d. get along e. take place f. have nothing in common
  4. A. has won b. sang c. beat d. said e. won /have won f. thought g. has adopted h. has travelled i. went j. announced



  1. A. brush your teeth b. put on makeup c. look in the mirror d. dry your hair e. paint your nails
  2. A. has been working b. has been swimming c. have been walking d. has been eating e. Has Robert been playing f. have been watching
  3. a f b d c e
  4. a. have you known b. have met c. have heard d. has been babysitting e. have been looking f. has Mark been playing g. have seen h. hasn’t decided i. have been playing j. haven’t won



  1. a. picnic area b. restrooms c gift shop d. first-aid station e. ATM f. lockers
  2. a. S b. S c. S d. O e. O
  3. a e b c d
  4. a. built, the Mayas b. starred, Keira Knightley c. did, design, The Eiffel Tower d. wrote, Gabriel Garcia Marquez
  5. a. will have studied b. three (in 2009) c. will be starring d. will be learning e. three f. will have used g. one (in 2009)


Girls in dresses

  1. a. develop isn’t part of a camera b. flash isn’t a photography verb c. France is a country d. You can’t put on a shower e. you don’t buy things in restrooms f. souvenirs isn’t getting ready
  2. a. restaurant b. picnic area c. ATM d. gift shop e. parking lot f. restrooms
  3. a. The competition will take place in London b. My sisters have nothing in common c. Kevin doesn’t get along with this teacher d. Jake received a prize for his photograph e. Kirsten is a talented dancer
  4. a. dressed b. shower c. hair d. dress e. teeth f. nails g. style h. makeup


Time to test yourself

  1. b. want c. don’t you d. can’t you e. finished f. ‘ve been taking g. doesn’t know
  2. b. arrived c. has given d. have not appeared e. were f. have been g. visited h. went
  3. b. has been painting c. has been washing d. has been drinking e. has been skipping a c d e b
  4. b. Ken saw me c. An e-mail d. Tom told me e. I told Ana
  5. d e b a f c
  6. b. He just finished doing his homework. C. I just bought a new camera d. She just took a shower e. They just won the match f. I just took out money from the ATM
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