Reported Speech Practice

Here are the answers for today’s activities.

  1. Diane said she was enjoying her new job.
  2. John said his father hadn’t been very happy.
  3. Sarah and Tim said they were buying a new house.
  4. Mike said that I looked tired.
  5. My mom said that I had to clean my room.
  6. Christine said she didn’t feel very well.
  7. Katherine said she was going to visit her aunt.
  8. Cassell said the students hadn’t liked doing their homework.
  9. Diane said Mark wanted to watch tv.
  10. Nicole and Sharon said the puppy wasn’t hungry.
  11. “I’m going to buy a computer,” Diane said.
  12. “You look tired,” Mike told me.
  13. “My father wasn’t very happy,” John said.
  14. “I didn’t feel very well,” Christine said.
  15. “We are going to buy a house,” Tim and Sarah said.
  16. “I visited my grandma,” Katherine said.
  17. “The students haven’t finished the project,” the teacher said.
    “The students didn’t finish the project,” the teacher said.
  18. “I won’t help you clean our house,” my brother said.
  19. “You have to finish your homework,” my mom said.
  20. “I haven’t seen that movie before,” Karen said.
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