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9th Grade English – Past simple vs. Past Continuous

Practice, practice, practice for the quiz 😀


3rd Year English – Reported Questions

Question Reported Question
“Where do you live?” asked Justine. Justine asked me where I lived.
“Why isn’t she coming?” asked Len. Len asked us why she wasn’t coming.
“What movie do you like best?” she asked me. She asked me what movie I liked best.
“Who is the best player?” he asked them. He asked them who the best player was.
Question Reported Question
“Did you drive my car?” Sam asked us. Sam asked if we had driven his car.
“Can I use your MP3 player?” she asked me. She asked me if she could use my MP3 player.
“Have you seen Knight Rider?” I asked him. I asked if he had seen Knight Rider.