1st & 2nd Conditional Worksheet Answers

11th Grade Students,

Here are the answers for today’s worksheet.



1) If Mr Brown ____sold_______ (sell) his car, he would have more money.

2) If Susan takes her driving lessons regularly, she ____will pass____ (pass) her driving test.

3) If Mr Jones ______watched____ (watch) the news every evening he would know more about politics.

4) If Charlie ____doesn’t stop_____ (not stop) eating these green apples he’ll soon feel sick.

5) If you told me the truth I __would help__________(help) you.

6) If old Mrs White heard a strange noise she __would call ______ (call) the police.

7) If I ___were_____________ (be), you I would throw away this old jacket.

8) If mother __makes_____________ (make) apple pie I’ll give you a piece.

9) If Peter ____didn’t leave ______ (not leave) earlier he would miss the bus.

10) If we missed the train we __would take_________________ (take) a taxi.

11) If he ____wins_____________ (win) a lot of money he will fly to Paris.

12) If she is ill she ____won’t come__________ (not come) to our party.

13) We ____would play ______________ (play) tennis if it stopped raining.


  1. If I was offered the job, I think I __would take______(take) it.
  2. If she ___were_______(be) hungry, she would eat something.
  3. If he studied, he ___would pass_________ (pass) the exam.
  4. I __would send______(send) you a postcard, if I had your address.
  5. What __would happen______(happen), if you didn´t go to work tomorrow?
  6. If she has enough money, she __will buy_________(buy) a new car.
  7. What will John do, if he ___doesn’t get_____(not get) the job?
  8. She would be terribly upset, if I __lost__________(lose) her ring.
  9. Many people would be out of work, if the factory __closed_______(close) down.
  1. What would you do, if you ___were_______(be) the president of your country?
  1. If he hurried, he _would catch____________(catch) the train.
  2. If he ___has_____________(have) time, he will come.
  3. He ____rang________(ring) the bell, the waiter would come.
  4. If I have some money I __will buy________(buy) a new car.
  5. If I ____work_______(work) harder I will pass the exam.
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