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Conditional Predictions Practice


Reported Speech Practice

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Reported Speech Exercises Answers

1. He said that he had lost his watch.
2. She said that she was very busy.
3. She said that she couldn’t go to the party.
4. He said that he had to go out.
5. He said that he was learning Russian.
6. She said that she wasn’t feeling very well.
7. They said that they would be home late.
8. He said that he had just gotten back from vacation.
9. She said that she was going to buy a new computer.
10. They said that they didn’t have a key.

1. She was enjoying her new job.
2. she wasn’t hungry.
3. he needed it.
4. she didn’t want to go.
5. I could have it.
6. he would send me a postcard.
7. he had gone home.
8. he wanted to watch tv.
9. she was going to the movies.

1. said
2. tell
3. said
4. told
5. tell
6. say
7. said
8. told
9. tell
10. say

Allow / Let / Make Practice

2nd Year students… here are some links to practice…


So/Such Practice

3rd Condtional Practice

2nd Year Students… here are some links so you can practice for the next quiz 😀

Unit 1 Test

2nd Year Students… here are the contents for next week’s test:

2°A: Friday April 5th
2°B: Tuesday April 2nd

1. Linking words (connectors)


2. Communication Vocabulary

3. Present Continuous

4. Reasons (because/as/so)


5. Expressions

beside/besides practice

2nd Year High School – practice for next week’s quiz. check out the following webpages…

2nd Year – Unit 6 Worksheet Answers


p. 54
1. well, wrong, know, look, feel, very, headache, hurts, doctor, that’s
2. Headache, broken arm, twisted ankle, cut knee
3. B. Have you ever had a stomachache? C. Have you ever had a runny nose? D. Have you ever had a headache?
4. since Monday, since 2000, since October 15, for ten minutes, since last Friday
5. B. How long have you had your favorite sneakers? C. How long have you liked your favorite singer? D. How long have you lived in your town?
6. B. She has done karate since she was 8 years old. C. She has had Max since he was a puppy. D. He has known Lenny for a long time. E. He has played with Extreme Sounds for 5 years. F. He has had his sound system since his last birthday.

p. 55
1. B. bored C. sad D. tired
2. Have you written the invitations yet? Now, I haven’t written them yet. Have you bought the birthday cake yet? Yes, I have already bought it. Have you made the sandwiches yet? No, I haven’t made the sandwiches yet.
3. A. yet B. yet C. yet D. already
5. B. 3 C. 2 D. 4

p. 57
1. Where did you learn? Now, it was easy. Have you ever competed?
2. She learned at school. It was difficult to learn. She has competed and won a gold medal.
4. B. go C. go D. do e. go f. play g. do
6. B. Could you play tennis when you were seven? C. Could you use the TV remote when you were five? D. Could you tell the time when you were eight?

p. 58
1. A. Call the fire department B. Leave your things in the building C. Do not run D. Do not use the elevator.
2. B. You shouldn’t, d C. You shouldn’t, b D. You should, c E. You shouldn’t, e
3. calmly, carefully, fast, gently, well, patiently, quickly, slowly
4. B carefully, C. well D. fast E. gently F. clearly g. slowly
5. c, a

P. 62
1. How long have you played for Real Madrid? since. How long have you had your Ferrari? for. How long has Gary Neville been your best friend? for. How long have you been married to Victoria Adams? since
2. B. fore c. since d. since e. for f. for
3 . yet, yet, already, yet
5. B. Mozart could play the piano. C. Picasso could paint. D. Einstein could do physics and math. E. Da Vinci could invent.
6. B. How long has Jake played in a rock band? C. Have you tidied your room yet? D. My mother has already read all the Harry Potter books. E Teenagers do not spend enough time with their families. F. You shouldn’t worry so much about your grades. G. My brother couldn’t siwm until he was 12 years old. H. When you have a cut knee, clean the area carefully.
7. B. slowly c. carefully d. careful e. quickly f. angrily g. clearly

Unit 6 Test

2nd Year Students:

Here are the topics for the Unit 6 Test on Tuesday, May 24th.

  1. Make questions about how a person feels (sickness). (see p. 76-77 in text book, exercises 2 and 5)
  2. Use of FOR and SINCE for answers.
  3. Use of ALREADY and YET with present perfect.
  4. Use of SHOULD / SHOULDN’T for advice or suggestions
  5. Body parts and health problems (See p. 76 exercise 3)


Chest infection

Cut knee

Runny nose

Sore throat

Sore back

Broken arm

Twisted ankle


  1. Mood adjectives (see p. 78 exercise 1)
    Definitions of:






  1. Sports – play, do or go?
  2. Adverbs (use –ly at end of adjective)

Remember!!! Practice makes perfect! J good luck!