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Past Simple Review


Unit 6 Review Worksheet (p. 62-63)

8th Grade Students… here are the answers for the worksheet. Remember that you have to turn-in your worksheet the day of the test (Thursday, May 22nd). J

  1. b) ‘m writing c) ‘s chatting d) are watching e) ‘m not concentrating f) ‘s listening g) ‘s playing
  2. b) Is Gina working on the computer? c) Tom and Gina are studying for a test. d) The children aren’t having breakfast. e) Is your mother watching TV? f) Anna isn’t doing her homework. g) Is Laura making a chocolate cake?
  3. b) No, she isn’t. She’s taking a shower. c) Yes, I am. It’s great exercise. d) Yes, they are. The concert’s this weekend. e) No, he isn’t. He’s studying in his room. f) Yes, they are. They chat every evening. g) No, I’m not. I’m taking judo classes h) No, he isn’t. The camera battery’s low.


  4. b) medium c) has d) eyes e) wearing f) jeans g) shoes
  5. b) What’s he eating? c) What are you drinking? d) What are they watching? e) What’s Karla wearing? f) What’s James doing? g) What’s your sister reading?
  6. b) good at c) OK at d) really bad at e) can