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Present Perfect vs Past Simple

10th Grade Students,

Here are some links so you can practice the grammar structure seen in class


Present Perfect Continuous



8th Grade Practice

Vacation Vocabulary



Transportation Vocabulary



Past Simple


10th Grade English – Unit 1

Foods Vocabulary


Describing Foods (click on Foods)

Conditional Predictions

11th Grade… here are some sites to practice conditional predictions

Conditional Predictions Practice

My Body Games

Digestive System

Respiratory System

Circulatory System

Excretory System

Body Parts


Elephant Man Chapter Summary Template

10th Grade Students… here you can download the template to do the chapter summaries of the book we are reading. Elephant Man Chapter Summary

10th A: November 21st

10th B: November 20th

My Ideal Work Environment

here is an example of the essay My Essay ( English Vocational Elective).

Worksheet Answers – 2nd Year

here are the answers for the worksheets…

p. 68

  1. b) market c) post office d) parking lot   e) hospital    f) taxi stand
  2. a) books b) food c) letters    d) your car    e) nurses    f) taxi/cab
  3. a) should b) can’t c) can   d) can    e) shouldn’t   f) might    g) shouldn’t  h) will    j) would
  4. a) Be careful! If you put your hand in, the lion will bite you. B) watch out! C) Stop talking on the phone!


p. 69

  1. a) pick up b) turn on c) turn off   d) take out   e) put away   f) come over   g) throw away
  2. a) You mustn’t run in the hall. B) you must do the homework for Monday c) You mustn’t make noise after 10pm   d) You must show your Passport    e) You mustn’t talk during class.
  3. a) have to b) don’t have to c) have to   d) have to   e) don’t have to
  4. a) Do you have to take out the trash? B) Do you have to make your bed? C) Do you have to make your own breakfast?    D) Do you have to wash the dishes?

p. 70

  1. a) Italian b) could c) seven    d) languages     e) divide    f) jokes
  2. a) What languages could Maria Agnesi speak when she was 13?
    b) How many languages could Hamilton speak?
    c) What could Von Neumann do at six?
  3. a) She could speak French, Italian, Greek, Hebrew, Spanish, German and Latin.
    B) He could speak 12 languages.
    C) He could divide two 8-digit numbers in his head and tell jokes in Greek.
  4. a) wrote b) searched c) took    d) make    e) send    f) save
  5. a) Did she have to send an email to Aunt Judy? No, she didn’t.
    B) Did she have to take photos of the car? No, she didn’t.
    C) Did she have to call Jason? Yes, she did.

p. 71

  1. A) he was going to watch b) she was watching c) it was     d) she had to do    e) she could look     f) she never used the internet   g) that was
  2. a) Crime isn’t really a problem b) We are going to get a new lock on our door. C) I am not worried about crime.   D) We don’t feel safe at night.
  3. Karin said she hated shopping and she wasn’t going to the mall. She said Mandy was coming over and they were going to play chess. She said that Mandy was really good at chess but that she didn’t really like it.
  4. a) criminal b) witness c) confess   d) suspect    e) robbery   f) innocent

p. 73

  1. a) nurse b) post office c) car   d) mayor   e) pool    f) wear    g) city
  2. a) put on b) come over c) hang up   d) take out   e) put away    f) throw away
  3. a) attach b) searched c) clicked   d) saved   e) send    f) sent    g) make
  4. innocent, guilty, crime, suspect, criminal, confess
  5. a) innocent b) guilty  c) crime   d) suspect   e) criminal    f) confess

p. 74

  1. b) should c) can’t d) could    e) ‘ll    f) would    f) shouldn’t   h) ‘ll
  2. b) Jane and Barry have to cook dinner c) Jane has to wash the dishes. D) Jane and Barry don’t have to clean the kitchen    e) Barry has to take out the trash.    F) Barry doesn’t have to walk the dog.
  3. a) must, must, don’t have to      b) mustn’t,   must     c) must, don’t have to    d) don’t have to, must

p. 75

  1. b) could c) couldn’t d) didn’t have to    e) had to   f) didn’t have to
  2. b) I’m not happy. C) We’re watching tv. D) we don’t live here
  3. b) Carly said she was going to be a doctor. C) Carly said her brother was wearing his new jacket. D) Carly said she liked pop music    e) Carly said she didn’t like waiting.

1st & 2nd Conditional Worksheet Answers

11th Grade Students,

Here are the answers for today’s worksheet.



1) If Mr Brown ____sold_______ (sell) his car, he would have more money.

2) If Susan takes her driving lessons regularly, she ____will pass____ (pass) her driving test.

3) If Mr Jones ______watched____ (watch) the news every evening he would know more about politics.

4) If Charlie ____doesn’t stop_____ (not stop) eating these green apples he’ll soon feel sick.

5) If you told me the truth I __would help__________(help) you.

6) If old Mrs White heard a strange noise she __would call ______ (call) the police.

7) If I ___were_____________ (be), you I would throw away this old jacket.

8) If mother __makes_____________ (make) apple pie I’ll give you a piece.

9) If Peter ____didn’t leave ______ (not leave) earlier he would miss the bus.

10) If we missed the train we __would take_________________ (take) a taxi.

11) If he ____wins_____________ (win) a lot of money he will fly to Paris.

12) If she is ill she ____won’t come__________ (not come) to our party.

13) We ____would play ______________ (play) tennis if it stopped raining.


  1. If I was offered the job, I think I __would take______(take) it.
  2. If she ___were_______(be) hungry, she would eat something.
  3. If he studied, he ___would pass_________ (pass) the exam.
  4. I __would send______(send) you a postcard, if I had your address.
  5. What __would happen______(happen), if you didn´t go to work tomorrow?
  6. If she has enough money, she __will buy_________(buy) a new car.
  7. What will John do, if he ___doesn’t get_____(not get) the job?
  8. She would be terribly upset, if I __lost__________(lose) her ring.
  9. Many people would be out of work, if the factory __closed_______(close) down.
  1. What would you do, if you ___were_______(be) the president of your country?
  1. If he hurried, he _would catch____________(catch) the train.
  2. If he ___has_____________(have) time, he will come.
  3. He ____rang________(ring) the bell, the waiter would come.
  4. If I have some money I __will buy________(buy) a new car.
  5. If I ____work_______(work) harder I will pass the exam.

7th & 8th Grade – Modals