1st & 2nd Conditional Worksheet Answers

11th Grade Students,

Here are the answers for today’s worksheet.



1) If Mr Brown ____sold_______ (sell) his car, he would have more money.

2) If Susan takes her driving lessons regularly, she ____will pass____ (pass) her driving test.

3) If Mr Jones ______watched____ (watch) the news every evening he would know more about politics.

4) If Charlie ____doesn’t stop_____ (not stop) eating these green apples he’ll soon feel sick.

5) If you told me the truth I __would help__________(help) you.

6) If old Mrs White heard a strange noise she __would call ______ (call) the police.

7) If I ___were_____________ (be), you I would throw away this old jacket.

8) If mother __makes_____________ (make) apple pie I’ll give you a piece.

9) If Peter ____didn’t leave ______ (not leave) earlier he would miss the bus.

10) If we missed the train we __would take_________________ (take) a taxi.

11) If he ____wins_____________ (win) a lot of money he will fly to Paris.

12) If she is ill she ____won’t come__________ (not come) to our party.

13) We ____would play ______________ (play) tennis if it stopped raining.


  1. If I was offered the job, I think I __would take______(take) it.
  2. If she ___were_______(be) hungry, she would eat something.
  3. If he studied, he ___would pass_________ (pass) the exam.
  4. I __would send______(send) you a postcard, if I had your address.
  5. What __would happen______(happen), if you didn´t go to work tomorrow?
  6. If she has enough money, she __will buy_________(buy) a new car.
  7. What will John do, if he ___doesn’t get_____(not get) the job?
  8. She would be terribly upset, if I __lost__________(lose) her ring.
  9. Many people would be out of work, if the factory __closed_______(close) down.
  1. What would you do, if you ___were_______(be) the president of your country?
  1. If he hurried, he _would catch____________(catch) the train.
  2. If he ___has_____________(have) time, he will come.
  3. He ____rang________(ring) the bell, the waiter would come.
  4. If I have some money I __will buy________(buy) a new car.
  5. If I ____work_______(work) harder I will pass the exam.

7th & 8th Grade – Modals






Modal Verb Worksheet Answers

2nd A students, here are the answers for the worksheet:

A. 1. couldn’t     2. may   3. shouldn’t    4. must     5. must     6. may    7. mustn’t    8. did    9. Can I      10. had to

B. 1. What do you have to do tomorrow? I have to go to school. I have to get up
2. What should you do every day?  I should brush my teeth. I should do my homework.
3. Do you have to get up early tomorrow? Yes, I have to.  // No, I don’t have to.
4. Can your dad speak English?  Yes, he can. //  No, he can’t.
5. Can your mum play the piano?  Yes, she can.   // No, she can’t.

A. 1. might not    2. May    3. Could    4. might not    5. could     6. may    7. may    8. might not   9. could    10. could

B. 1 can/could    2. could/can     3. might    4. could    5. will/could/might    6. could/may/can   7. could/might   8. could/would

Modals Practice Worksheet Answers

10th Grade Students… here are the answers for the worksheet. Come prepared on Monday for the Quiz!

1. C 2. B 3. A   4. C  5. B   6. A   7. A   8. A   9. B   10. A

1. must 2. Mustn’t 3. Must   4. Mustn’t   5. Must   6. Mustn’t 7. Mustn’t   8. Must   9. Mustn’t  10. Mustn’t

  1. You mustn’t tell anyone!
  2. We have to be there early.
  3. I must remember to call Dad.
  4. You don’t have to pay.
  5. You should try this fruit salad!
  6. You mustn’t be late for class.
  7. You should get some new trainers.
  8. You don’t have to eat it all.
  9. He shouldn’t worry about it.

1. A 2. A 3. B   4. A   5. A   6. A   7. A   8. B    9. C   10. A

Conditional Predictions Practice
















English Class Questionnaire


Career Prezis

Musician https://prezi.com/cbhpx7yq_bua/musician/
Computer Engineer https://prezi.com/foya-qb6_e_t/civil-engineering-in-computer-science/
Construction Engineer https://prezi.com/_szdcnn03krt
Oficial Gendarmería https://prezi.com/swbo2d0i-zzo/gendarmeria-officers/
Police Officer ppt
Business Administration https://prezi.com/p/v6olrf_-zx-b/
PDI https://prezi.com/zu9gvzwmq9wg/
Photographer ppt
Dentist https://prezi.com/kntxs7i8wfjm/copia-de-learn-prezi-fast/
Medical Technician https://prezi.com/iiqqvwuqlh4g
Commercial Engineer https://prezi.com/p/1bggao7davgu/
Chef https://prezi.com/cdeqsoaxwb8m
International Business https://prezi.com/p/akuopyepl8f_/ 
Agronomy https://prezi.com/p/xedgtin6cz6h/
Firefighter https://prezi.com/view/IxyEtQvm1TpLDLtw5i4p/
Physical Education Teacher https://prezi.com/p/5e1azgwklxvj/
Sociology https://prezi.com/kp_lsjaktu0b
Nutritionist https://prezi.com/p/taltjybb5fwv/
Doctor https://prezi.com/p/p7u5jiowty86/
Psychiatrist https://prezi.com/vtftrfxweybt/
Forestry Engineer PPT

Past Simple Review






Unit 2 Review

Going to / Will




Weather/Climate vocabulary


House/Furniture/Appliances vocabulary



KET Test Practice


Here is a link to practice